O Pedrouza

Ventas de Naron to O Pedrouza, 54km = 33 miles.

Date: 09/14/2015

Got a decently early start today.  Unfortunately the forecast was wrong, and it was pouring rain for the first 12km to Palas de Rei.  Eventually it stopped raining, but by the time I called it a day everything had a pretty good coating of slime.  Note to self, ask for fenders next time!  The goal for today was to get to Arzua, but I thought the place lacked charm and it was early in the afternoon, so continued toward O Pedrouzo.  Eventually there was a nice looking place with reasonable rates just before the town, so I went to check it out.  Run by an expat Brit, Rodger, who is obviously a detail kind of guy.  I was able to hose the bike down (would hate to return it covered in mud) Hose the boots down etc…  He’s done a full remodel on the place and it has stiff white sheets and towels that smell good.  So tomorrow, only about 24km to Santiago.  Hard to believe, as the whole thing is somewhere around 800km!  It’s been an adventure, and I think I’m too sore to full process it.  I booked myself in to Santiago for a couple of days and will plan to go to the Service at the Cathedral for Denise, the missing Pilgrim, on Wednesday night.


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